Cigarettes and Your Teeth

cigarettes and your teeth

Do you or your family member smoke? If yes, then you should start thinking about quitting it because there is a clear link between cigarettes and your teeth. Stopping the use of smoking will effectively improve your oral health. Most importantly it will enhance the health of gums and the aesthetics of teeth. Although it is very difficult to quit smoking but not impossible. If you’re trying to kick the habit, our dentists at Eglinton dental Clinic will share ways for quitting cigarettes.

Why Are cigarettes Bad for Oral Health?

According to health professionals, smoking is bad for overall health, along with oral health. A person who consumes cigarettes has an increased risk of developing some serious oral health issues, such as:

What is the impact of smoking on Teeth?

Cigarette has a major impact because the mouth is the entry point of our body. Lightening up the cigarette and exhaling the first puff is easy but we forget about its effect. Both appearance and health of your teeth are in danger due to smoking. Let’s see what are the major impacts of smoking on gums and teeth.

Smoking can lead to Tooth Discoloration

Smoking can lead to severe teeth discoloration, if you want to maintain the natural shine of your teeth then you have to reduce the use of cigarettes.  It is imperative to visualize your teeth like a porcelain vase. Basically, the enamel of teeth starts having fine cracks with the age. These cracks absorb all the stains. When you smoke a cigarette, the nicotine and tar in the cigarette will leak into the cracks and become a permeant stain there.

Remember that you cannot remove these stains by only brushing. We have a team of expert dentists who has expertise in teeth whitening. We can help you with the restoration of your bright smile. as explained before Stained teeth result from smoking and poor brushing habits. So, you will also experience a build-up of plaque and tartar on your teeth because of the nicotine and tar in the cigarette.

Smoking causes Gum Disease

Smoking has a link with gum diseases. Remember that if you’re a chain smoker, you should have a clear idea about the signs of gum disease. Following are some of the indicators of gum disease due to smoking:

  • Gums pull away from teeth
  • Bleeding during teeth brushing
  • Red and swollen gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Painful chewing

If you have any of the above-mentioned symptoms then this is the right time to consult our dental team. This is the best time to quit smoking and our dentist are willing to help you with unique tips to stop this habit. For that purpose, you have to regularly visit our dentists we ensure to provide the best treatment to fight gum disease and teeth whitening for dental stains.

Healthy takeaway tips:

If you are facing trouble quitting cigarettes then you can follow these tricks:

  • Act of holding something in between your fingers
  • Act of puffing on something throughout the day
  • Snack on vegetables
  • Chew sugarless gums
  • Hold a pencil in between your fingers
  • Consider a nicotine replacement product

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