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Emergency dentistry in Yonge and Eglinton

Even though we are not an urgent dental clinic at 6ixeglintondental, and we offer urgent services. Most emergency dental visits are related to wisdom tooth pain, broken teeth, dental infections and cavities close to the nerve. Also, our trained staff can triage a patient over the phone and can provide an immediate appointment if necessary. During this visit appropriate Xrays will be taken, a proper and accurate diagnosis will be made. 

Emergency dental services, in Eglinton Area appropriate measures will be taken to alleviate pain and start treatment if possible. At times the source of pain could be an infection, Therefore, could mean that proper antibiotics need to be prescribed prior to the start of treatment. In conclusion, Urgent service is part of 6ixEglinton dental jobs. In addition, 6ixEglinton Dental is located in Toronto midtown (Yonge St. and Eglinton St.) has multiple dentists, and we can get rid of your pain in the shortest time.

  • Local Dentist Accepting Most Major Insurance Providers & Offers Affordable Payment Plans
  • Same-Day Urgent service Treatment
  • We Treat Our Patients Like Family
  • appropriate Xrays will be taken
  • Do you Need an Urgent dental filling, and root canal 
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Emergency Dental Clinic 6ix Eglinton Dental Clinic provides emergency dental service, and Emergency Dental Clinic - Urgent Dental Service
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Dr. Venus Sobhi

Do you need a dental emergency service? We offer same-day dental emergency services in our Eglinton dental clinic.
Eglinton dental clinic is a dental office located in midtown Eglinton where we utilize the best material and advance technology to deliver fast dental emergency services.
Our 6ix Eglinton dental office is proud to deliver any high-quality dental emergency services in a relaxing comfortable environment.

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