What Dental Prosthesis Is The Best For Me: Dentures Or Implants?

“Beauty is a power; a smile is its sword.”

For those missing natural teeth, the smile is reliant on prosthetic ones. We have seen many patients bang their heads over the battle of dentures vs. dental implants. Choosing between these options can be tricky at times.

Losing a front tooth to caries or an accident can make you diffident about your smile. So, you should get a dental prosthesis asap!

Dental Prosthesis: Dentures Vs. Dental Implants

Your dentist will provide you with various prosthetic options to replace that missing tooth. However, the most common options available include dental bridges, dentures, and implants. It is tough to choose a suitable prosthesis for you.

The main aim is to allow you to bite/chew, support the facial muscles, enhance speech and improve your esthetics.


These are removable prosthetic teeth that have been available for ages. There are two main types of dentures:

  • Partial dentures: for replacing a few missing teeth
  • Complete dentures: that replace the entire jaw (complete set of teeth)

In general, the dentures have hard bases to which the prosthetic teeth are attached. However, nowadays, there is an abundance of soft, flexible dentures with an inner base lining made out of flexible resin. Thus, these flexible dentures ensure comfort while maintaining stability and retention. While acrylic (hard) dentures have been known for functioning well, studies have shown that flexible partial dentures provide greater patient satisfaction and improved quality of life.


A denture can be given on resorbed ridges. Your doctor can adjust your denture, tailoring it to the changing dimensions of the bone.

It does not require any surgical procedure. As no surgery is performed, there is less chance of infection.

This type of prosthesis generally costs less than an implant. In addition, dentures can be easily cleaned and maintained.


Patients have a hard time adjusting to dentures. The retention and adaptability with dentures are poor and take time.

Prolonged usage can cause oral ulcers.

Some patients find cleaning and maintaining dentures to be a hectic job.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are taking the lead in the battle of dentures vs. dental implants. However, implants are gaining popularity pretty rapidly and are the ideal prosthesis you need.

It is a fixed prosthesis that is screwed into the bone. It consists of a screw part, i.e., a post, and a prosthetic part attached to the implant post like a cap. It is the part that is visible in the oral cavity and helps in biting

The dentist first analyzes your bone ridge and then places the prosthetic root (post) in the bone by drilling to place an implant. It usually takes a couple of months for the implant to become completely submerged in the bone, as the bone grows around the grooves of the post (a process known as osseointegration). Thus, once osseointegration is complete, the dentist places the abutment crown.

If you are worried about your looks and want to shrink the required time for implant placement, you can go for an immediate implant. In this case, the dentist places an implant immediately after extraction, utilizing the empty bone socket.

Pros And Cons: Dentures Vs Implants


Implants provide excellent retention because they become part of the bone. In addition, a dental implant is fixed inside the bone, so the distribution of forces is better than a denture.

Maintenance and adaptation are relatively easier.

The biocompatible materials do not cause ulcers.


A dental implant is placed by a surgical procedure; therefore, there are chances of infection. In addition, crown cracking and mechanical problems occur in (5-10% of cases).

It costs more than a denture.

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