The Definitive Guide On Soda Versus Our Teeth

Soda Versus Our Teeth

You’ve probably heard multiple times that soda is not suitable for the teeth, but ever thought about how it affects your teeth? Should you really abstain from having the cold, sugary, and fuzzy soda on a hot afternoon? Let’s discuss the battle between soda versus our teeth to learn what actually happens when you enjoy a soda can.


Both regular and diet sodas are detrimental to the teeth and slowly erode the protective enamel on the teeth. The acidic components of soda reduce the mouth’s pH, which causes the tooth enamel to soften. Softened tooth enamel is vulnerable and leads to tooth decay.


So, can you do something to win the battle between soda versus our teeth?

  • The most practical solution to cope with the situation is reducing soda and replacing it with water. It will dramatically boost your teeth’ health and ensure significant overall health benefits.
  • Use Fluoride dental products, and make sure to rinse your mouth with water whenever you drink soda.
  • Visit our dental experts to get your teeth cleaned and regularly monitored to ensure good teeth health and win your ‘soda versus our teeth’ battle.


As much as you love sodas, the sugary content present in them sticks to your tooth surface and becomes the most favorable growing spot for various kinds of bacteria. Although the sugar itself does not harm the teeth, the bacteria that feed on this sugar release acids that deteriorate the enamel, cause tooth decay and lead to inflammation and risk of gum disease in the long run.


You might wonder that this soda versus our tooth battle can easily be won by switching to diet sodas if sugar is the actual problem. However, it is not only the sugar in the soda that causes the problem.

Carbonic acid is equally present in both regular and diet sodas. The acid present in the soda causes the same adversary as the sugar. Sodas contain carbonic acid, citric acid, and phosphoric acid, which combine to cause cavities and increase tooth decay.


While the only best possible way to win the battle between them is to give up on soda and say no to it, it can be tough and challenging for many people. However, you can still avert the risk and ensure good teeth health by following some preventive measures until you can say no to soda for good.

  • You can begin by limiting the amount of soda you consume. Drinking in moderation will slowly help you leave sodas and cause less harm than drinking sodas all day.
  • You may want to use a straw while drinking soda rather than sipping it from the can since the straw will keep the acidic sodas away from your teeth.
  • Make a habit of not drinking soda before bedtime. This will actually help you save your teeth from the all-night acidic damage that sodas can cause.
  • Make sure not to brush your teeth right after drinking soda. The friction against the soft and acid-exposed teeth with the toothbrush will cause more harm than good.
  • The most important measure is to get your teeth examined regularly to ensure things are not worsening.

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