Tooth-Colored Fillings

tooth colored filling

Are you looking for tooth colored fillings options that will give you a more natural look? If yes then your wait is over! Do you know that a great number of people have composite fillings in their mouths? These filings are quite famous over the past years as they appear and work just like normal teeth. We have a post with Root Canal Treatment to get more information before reading this article.

What is a tooth colored filling?

Tooth colored fillings are also known as composite fillings, these fillings restore the natural appearance of a carious tooth. The composite fillings blend well with tooth enamel and don’t look like other fillings.  your dentist may recommend tooth-colored fillings if the teeth to be restored are near the front of your mouth. If you have dental problems and you want to restore your self-confidence and smile then composite is one of the best treatment options.

What are some other types?

According to the dentists, some Other types of tooth colored fillings include composite inlays and porcelain inlays and on lays. However, dentists use the Inlays and on lays to restore teeth that are grossly carious. These types of fillings are used to fill the chewing surfaces of the back teeth if the esthetics are of concern.

When you visit your dentist, he will explain the type of filling you need. Although some tooth colored fillings may be more costly than other dental materials. Despite that most patients find the natural-looking restorations well worth the extra cost. Even if you have got the composite fillings remember that regular dental checkups are imperative. Dental checkups allow the dentist to identify a problem in the early stage.

Advantages of tooth colored filling/ composite fillings

The tooth-colored fillings have lots of benefits if you want to know about them more then read further:

  • Composite resins provide good strength and resistance to fracture
  • The Dentist use these fillings to fill the front or back teeth
  • If you want a natural look then this is the best option
  • Painless and Quick Treatment
  • Aesthetically beautiful
  • When you select composite fillings Healthier Tooth Structure will stay intact
  • Composite materials’ have the quality to bond to teeth adhesively
  • These tooth colour fillings are mercury-free

The procedure of the tooth colored filling

According to expert dentists, a composite filling usually needs only one visit. During the dental appointment, the dentist prepares the tooth that requires restoration. If you are going for a dental filling then remember that the procedure for a composite filling may take a little longer.  The reason is when the dentist removes decay, the tooth will need isolation from saliva. After that, the dentist carefully applies a layer of adhesive. In the next dentist applies tooth-colored composite to the tooth. In the end, when the filling is in place, the dental team chemically hardened, or cures it, for less than a minute with a blue light.

The tooth colored filling is an obvious choice for cosmetic reasons, but if the decay is huge then the dentist may recommend another type of filling material or restoration.

Are you a good candidate for it?

The answer to this is If you have a decay, chipped tooth, or a bad filling, you may be the right candidate for a tooth-colored filling. To know more about your oral hygiene and what dental treatment you need schedule a dental consultation with our expert dentists in town.

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